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BGS 30 February  - 10th: Obito is born
BGS 29 February  - 10th: Obito turns 1
BGS 28 February  - 10th: Obito turns 2
BGS 27 January  - Second War Ends
  February  - 10th: Obito turns 3
BGS 26 February  - 10th: Obito turns 4
  September  - Obito joins the academy, and meets Gai, Kakashi, and Rin.
BGS 25 February  - 10th: Obito turns 5
  June  - Obito's parents die during a mission that was supposed to be a simple infiltration. Begins living alone.
BGS 24 February  - 10th: Obito turns 6
BGS 23 February  - 10th: Obito turns 7
BGS 22 February  - 10th: Obito turns 8
BGS 21 February  - 10th: Obito turns 9
  August  - Third War Starts
  November  - Obito becomes a Genin. - Kushina ambushes Obito without sharing her identity.
BGS 20 February  - 10th: Obito turns 10
BGS 19 February  - 10th: Obito turns 11
  June  - Obito becomes Chunin
BGS 18 February  - 10th: Obito turns 12
BGS 17 February  - 10th: Obito turns 13
  November  - Obito ends up smooshed in a rockfall.
BGS 16 January  - Third War Ends
 - Minato declared Yondaime Hokage.
 - 12th: Obito wakes from his coma to Kushina at his bedside after Tsunade fixes him.
 - 23rd: Obito and Gai's first serious talk.
  February  - 10th: Obito turns 14
  August  - 17th: Obito tracks down Gai to verbally shake him down.
  October  - Obito spends the first week after Naruto's birth being insistently helpful.
BGS 15 February  - 10th: Obito turns 15
  August  - Obito gets a donated eye from a cousin that died in the field and asked it be used that way.
  December  - Obito becomes a jounin.
BGS 14 February  - 10th: Obito turns 16
BGS 13 February  - 10th: Obito turns 17
BGS 12 February  - 10th: Obito turns 18
  September   - Obito and Tenzou meet for the first time.
  December   - Obito is officially put in charge of foreign negotiations.
BGS 11 February  - 10th: Obito turns 19
  September  - 20th: Obito gets in over his head flirting with Gai using spandex.
BGS 10 February  - 10th: Obito turns 20
BGS 9 February  - 10th: Obito turns 21
  October  - Obito meets his baby tanuki-child the first time.
BGS 8 February  - 10th: Obito turns 22
BGS 7 February  - 10th: Obito turns 23
BGS 6 February  - 10th: Obito turns 24
  July  - Treaty of the Big Five established. Obito turns his attention to Hokage training.
BGS 5 February  - 10th: Obito turns 25.
  May  - Uzushio founded, Kushina takes off with Rin.
- 24th: Obito meets Ashiko.
  September  - Obito assigns the disaster mission to Kakashi as his first ANBU attempt.
  December  - Obito deals with Tenzou in the fallout of Kakashi leaving ANBU.
BGS 4 February  - 10th: Obito turns 26
  March  - Obito gets his students! Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke become his adorable disciples.
  June  - Obito throws his students at Suna for their first chunin exam.
  November  - Obito made Hokage.
BGS 3 February  - 10th: Obito turns 27
  December  - Obito talks Tsunade into a visit.
BGS 2 February  - 9th: Obito gives Sasuke and Hinata an alcohol test.
- 10th: Obito turns 28
  April  - Obito negotiates lowering of hostilities in regards to appointed guards at seal points.
BGS 1 February  - 10th: Obito turns 29
  December  - 16th: Obito gives Itachi a pep talk
 - 18th: Obito catches Adela for a paperwork day.

Game start year
January Fourth: Escaping a meeting.

January 16th: Sending out pictures by bird
January 16th: Kakashi's back!
January 23rd: Practice with Hinata
February 3rd: Kazue meeting
February 8th: Neji's desk duty
February 8th: Adela and Sasuke injuries
February 10th: Obito's party thrown by Hinata.
February: Tsunade correspondence

February 22nd: Sleeping on his Desk
March 3rd: Time with Kushina
March 7th: Hassling Neji
March 11th: Kushina correspondence

March 10th-17th: Trip with Itachi
March 24th: Hinata!
March 25th: Archery with Orile
April 8th: Pestering Library Neji
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Magpies are a unique summon in that they value pretty things in excess. Most birds don't wear anywhere near as many trinkets as this species does, however, they're more intelligent than some of the more common summon clans of birds. They can speak, and at the very least, none that Obito regularly use is without a voice.


An intellectual, this bird likes to keep to herself. However, she has the tendency to collect and hoard scrolls of all kinds, so if you can sweet talk it out of her, she has some jutsu laying around her home that no one has seen in decades. Due to her preoccupation with said scrolls, she rarely ever wears jewelry or baubles of any kind.


This lady is a very gentle bird. She knows how to sing and is more than capable of settling the nerves of skittish teammates children. She's a mother, though her mate is the one who tends to handle the chicks as she's one of Obito's primary non-combat summons.


A thief by choice, this girl is nearly impossible to keep out of anything she wants to get into. She's excellent at breaking into things, and she even has yet to meet a seal she couldn't get through if she wanted what was inside it. Thankfully, she considers few things valuable enough for the hassle.


At ease by nature, this girl knows what she's about and is incredibly skilled in combat. She never wastes her movements, and because of that is excellent at dropping shrapnel from above or taking out something with her claws. She's far far larger than many of the other Magpies, being the only one large enough for Obito to ride of those regularly seen.


The fastest bird in Obito's arsenal, he's quick enough to keep up with Gai at a dead sprint if he so desires, though his true calling isn't being a messenger, but battle. He's a medium sized bird, for a summons, coming in at about a third Maboroshino's size and always equipped for combat. His golden colored battle gauntlets never leave his feet... and other baubles just get added to his person as he finds them, though the vest, at least, has some beak friendly weapons secured inside.


This fellow is Aoihiko's mate and is rarely seen. When he is, however, it's usually for tactical purposes, as his strengths lean heavily to political maneuvering when he's not otherwise engaged. It'a rare he would be seen without one of his three offspring: Ishigaki, Nureta, and Tsumetai.


Too vain to lower himself to dressing 'like a human', he's unlikely to be seen wearing any baubles. He happens to be rather disdainful of humans for their inability to fly, and is prone to being bluntly cold in his evaluation of a situation. What Obito did to win his over remains unclear, as he's only respectful while actually in his presence, or at his direct request.

The Twins

These two come as a unit, and have the unfortunate tendency of boomeranging a sentence between the two of them when they're feeling especially irritating. If one is seen without the other, something is very wrong.

Ierōgādo: The one on the left, this is the more protective of the two siblings, and he's almost guaranteed to initiate a conversation first. Because of this he seens far more friendly than Tsuri.

Ierōtsurī: The one to the right, this brother is the aggressive sibling, with the unfortunate tendency to pick fights if he initiates contact with people at all. He's usually content to let Gado lead because of this.
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Do you need to leave a message with the Hokage? Want to hunt him down for a visit that seems a bit silly for a whole post? Feel free to contact him here. Just mark the date and method of contact on your comment.
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If you have any concerns about my playing, leave them here. All comments are screened for your privacy, but no socks, please.